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For the vast majority, pregnancy, birth and breastfeeding are natural, normal functions of life. While these are seemingly physical events, the effects of the mind, spirit and emotions of the birthing person, as well as those closest to them and at the birth, cannot be underestimated. Home is the perfect birth location for those families wanting a natural, intimate birth experience, surrounded by those they love.    
BBH offers homebirth midwifery services, well-person care, fertility counseling & assistance, contraception services, nutrition & supplement counseling and herbal medicine.  Please visit the services page for more details.  We serve homebirth clients within 45 minutes of Solebury, PA.  We offer these services to all families and individuals regardless of race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation or family structure.  We strive to always be respectful of the cultural, spiritual, religious and social needs of our clients. 

​Many clients receive full reimbursement from their private insurance! 

What clients are saying...

About Me

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Erin Kershaw, BS, RN, DEM

Do you want to have a natural birth experience?  Have you had a hospital experience that you did not enjoy? Would you like your birth to be an intimate, personal experience in your home, shared only with a few people? Would you like to be able to move around freely, eat and drink as you wish?  Would you like to avoid medical interventions?

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My name is Erin Kershaw and I am a homebirth midwife in Bucks County.  I'm from Bethlehem, and we recently moved to the Doylestown/New Hope area.  I have a bachelor's degree in biology & political science from Moravian College and I've been studying midwifery since the spring of 2012, graduating from WomanCraft Midwifery Program in January 2014.  I've trained under four area midwives with over 60 total years experience.  I first opened my midwifery practice in 2016 and I am also a registered nurse.

I had my first home birth in August 2012 and it was an amazing experience that helped confirm my calling in midwifery.  I was on the governing council of the Midwives Alliance of PA, which, unfortunately, had to dissolve due to lack of interest and community support. I love helping families have beautiful homebirths and would love to be a part of your birth experience!

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"Just a note of thanks for the wonderful care you provided for myself and baby Kyle throughout my pregnancy and his birth. You provided such comfort knowing you were confident and capable in the midwifery care you provided. I greatly valued and appreciated the perfect balance you offer of both capable professional support while fully believing in a mother's ability to birth her baby. I had such a sense of peace having you care for us & attend the birth of Kyle. Thank you & I wish you the best in the continued growth & success of the business you are so passionate about. You are certainly where you are meant to be. Thank you!" - Beth
"Thank you so much for helping me bring the best part of my life into this world.  You are going to make a wonderful midwife!"
"I'm so pleased to have you as our doula!  We are very excited for the big day and looking forward to you being a part of it all."
"Thank you so much, you were such a help during my birth.  I couldn't have done it without you!"
"I feel so much better having your support, thank you again"
"Erin was part of what my husband refers to as our "rock star" home birth team. My home birth was an HBAC and I was so nervous. We went through all the what ifs and Erin was a rock through everything! Even when my labor when on for more than a day she never left my side! As my doula she was amazing! For for next home birth the choice was easy Erin as my apprentice midwife! I trust her, she knows her stuff and she will use all her skills to make my birth the most amazing experience possible! If you are even thinking about a home birth TALK TO ERIN."
"We couldn't have done it without you, thank you Erin!"
"'re going to be an excellent midwife, your help and support was exactly what we needed for our birth."
"I couldn't have done this without you, Erin, thank you so much for being here!"
"Thank you so much for all you've done and for being there for me, Erin.  We loved having you be a part of our homebirth."
"thank you both so much for being yourselves and doing the wonderful work that you do! we have had such a beautiful experience because of you both :) blessings to you both on your continuing journeys of empowerment and service to women."
"I'm so thankful to have your support, I couldn't have done it without you."
"Erin is AMAZING. So supportive and caring. ❀ She's truly great at what she does. Thank you Erin!"
"I just want to thank you again. That was, by far, the most comfortable pelvic exam I have ever had. Normally, I plan to take it easy for the rest of the day so I can curl up on the couch because I feel crampy and sore. Last night, I was able to lead my Girl Scout troop in doing yoga for nearly an hour."
​"Thanks so much!! By the way, Eldon and I are still amazed at how awesome you and Abby were during birth! Really appreciate the way you handled everything.  It was totally worth driving up there for the last 9 months.. Thanks again!!!! I wish you lived closer [😊]  I would recommend you to all my friends!"
​"My childbirth was just as we wanted it and Erin and her assistant did everything possible to be there as fast as possible and take care of all our needs. During postpartum appointments she also offered advice and help on breastfeeding, postpartum depression, and many others. I can say that all the time I felt like family and not simply as someone who take care of my pregnancy. I would highly recommend beautiful beginning home birth to all women looking for outstanding care."