Home Birth Childbirth Education Course

Whether you're planning a home birth with Erin from Beautiful Beginnings, or you are using another home birth midwife, this course will help you prepare.

This self-paced childbirth class is designed for families planning an out-of-hospital midwifery attended birth. Learn what to expect during your final trimester of pregnancy, what to expect during labor, comfort measures, preparing your home, and more. This course is also mobile device friendly. 

The goal of this class is to help you feel confident in your ability to give birth while providing you with accurate information to make informed decisions about your care. Should you need to make unexpected changes to your birth plan, you will have the tools to manage that as well.

This course covers:

  • Pregnancy Changes
  • ​Fetal Development and Bonding
  • Pelvic Awareness and Health
  • Hormones in Labor
  • Physiological Birth
  • ​What to Expect During Labor/Birth
  • Positions For Labor and Birth
  • ​Comfort Measures and Birth Options
  • Postpartum Healing
  • Breastfeeding
  • Newborn Options